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We are here to help with all aspects of your relationships.

Our relationships with our partner, our children, and our family and friends will often have deep and significant impacts on us.  Good relationships are a big factor in how we will feel in life.

We don’t always have previous experience of good relationships in our life that provided us with the skills and abilities to have our own positive relationship experiences.  The good news is we can learn how to have good relationships. And like any change, therapy is an important part of how to do things differently.

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Our romantic relationship, in whatever form that takes, is likely to be among the most important relationship in our life at any given moment.

How we feel about our relationship can literally make our day completely amazing or totally unbearable. When things are difficult, learning to repair after ruptures becomes important to both you and the relationship.

Of course, the ideas that might apply to our romantic relationships can also apply to relationships with our children, parents etc

There are many ways we can help you work better together:

  • Exploring how your communication helps or hinders your relationship
  • Understanding how we communicate in many subtle ways
  • Working out the emotional strategies each of you are using and why
  • Understanding your early life and life experiences and how they influence you
  • How we develop patterns and repeated behaviours, you or your partner / other family members might use
  • Developing ways to manage conflict and other strong emotions such as anger

Our services

Relationship therapy

Transform relationships with expert therapy. Explore backstories, attachment, and proactive solutions for healthier, happier connections.

Pre and post separation therapy

We can navigate through separation for a smoother, healthier transition with expert pre and post-separation therapy. Learn to part ways amicably.


We’ll look at fostering communication, ensuring all voices are heard for effective decision-making and resolution

Some of the issues that impact our relationships...

Anger in relationships

Anger is a defensive response. With work we can start to understand why it is being used and lessen its presence and impact

Jealousy & trust issues

Jealousy and trust issues have a way of being corrosive to a relationship. But why are these issues showing up? There are likely to be issues within the relationship that result in jealousy and trust problems between you.

Financial worries

This is a classic area of stress between couples – and the stress often results from simply having developed different attitudes to money during our childhood.

Struggling with children

We address parenting challenges and how to reduce the impact of them. Parents often struggle with children at different stages in their lives whether with a new baby or an older child or young adult.  But are you unknowingly contributing to the difficulties?

Ending relationships

At times relationships end. It can help to work through the loss of a relationship and to start to think, when ready, about what a new and different relationship might look like.

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