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Ending a relationship is not an easy thing to do...

Much like the relationship itself ending a relationship can be influenced by our past experiences and upbringing. Therapy can help to deal with the potential end of a relationship.


  • How to know if the relationship is at it’s end
  • How to end a relationship
  • How to deal with your relationship being ended
  • How to reduce the effects of the ending on you or other family members
  • How to be safe when ending a relationship
  • Working out the practical aspects of ending a relationship such as finances


  • Dealing with strong emotions after separation
  • Working on your experiences of the relationship – how to change for next time
  • Feelings of failure, not feeling like you were good enough
  • Feelings of anger and disappointment
  • Understanding the effects on other relationships such as children
  • Working with difficult behaviour post separation

There are many ways we can help you work better together:

  • Exploring how your communication helps or hinders your relationship
  • Understanding how we communicate in many subtle ways
  • Working out the emotional strategies each of you are using and why
  • Understanding your early life and life experiences and how they influence you
  • How we develop patterns and repeated behaviours, you or your partner / other family members might use
  • Developing ways to manage conflict and other strong emotions such as anger

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