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The goal of mediation is to reach agreements in problem areas. It can be an effective way for both parties to be heard with discussion moderated by an impartial person.

It can be really difficult to discuss problem areas with someone that you have a difficult relationship with. Often it is too easy to become emotional or to simply return to the same old arguments again and again with no movement.

This is where mediation can help.

We aim to help each person formulate and clearly state what they would like to be heard by the other person.

We assist each of you to do this without using unhelpful language or emotions being directed towards the other and will try to make the mediation process helpful to you both.

There are many ways we can help you work better together:

  • Exploring how your communication helps or hinders your relationship
  • Understanding how we communicate in many subtle ways
  • Working out the emotional strategies each of you are using and why
  • Understanding your early life and life experiences and how they influence you
  • How we develop patterns and repeated behaviours, you or your partner / other family members might use
  • Developing ways to manage conflict and other strong emotions such as anger

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